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Fashion Advertising Agency

Beloved Media is an exciting,Fashion Advertising Agency – Beloved Media Articles new, creative fashion advertising agency based in London.

When we talk about fashion advertising we mean a combination of art direction and branding for fashion and retail clients. Beloved Media is a boutique advertising agency, specialising only in fashion and lifestyle branding as that’s what we know best. Previously fashion brands chose to work with photographers and stylists directly but today there are new fashion advertising agencies like Beloved Media who specialise in this sector. Fashion brands need to be increasingly aware of the potency of using digital film and new technologies to communicate to their audience.

Founder, Jenny White trained at Central Saint Martins in graphic design and focused her energies on becoming an art director with a flair and edge for the fashion and luxury sector.

Her first job as a fashion art director was at a boutique fashion art direction agency in Hoxton where she spent four years travelling around the world working on different advertising and art direction projects for brands such as Pringle, Amanda Wakeley and Bodas.

The fashion art director’s role is to come up with creative ideas for the advertising campaign, work closely with the client to select the most appropriate photographer, stylist, model and then oversee the creative team from concept right through to art direction.

Fashion advertising agencies cover not only fashion but beauty, cosmetics and anything to do with lifestyle consumer brands.

Beauty and cosmetic advertising is an interesting parallel to the fashion advertising scene. Both inextricably linked and complementary industries, beauty and cosmetic advertising is similar in the way that it is appealing to the same target customer and often using the same language. Fashion, style and beauty are key to both.

The fashion advertising world is strangely quite small and many fashion brands often know each other very well. So much shared information and direction perhaps makes it even more difficult to really stand out in an ever more competitive market. The challenge for fashion brands is to use their advertising so effectively that not only does it provide a very real return on investment but most importantly distinguishes the fashion brand in the marketplace.

New markets for luxury fashion brands such as China, India and Russia mean that the best advertising and fashion branding must now understand how to talk to audiences across cultural diversity. This is an enormous challenge and we at Beloved Media relish producing visual communication and direction for international fashion brands.

Beloved Media is a fashion advertising agency that fully understands your brand. We are well equipped to communicate your values with commitment and passion through effective, creative, eye opening marketing material.